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“I expected a lot of off-camera hand-holding, but they just didn’t need it,” Mr. “The kids were better human beings than you’ve ever seen on television.

And when they decide to be mean to each other, they’re horrible.

The biggest difference with “Nation” is that such long-form and immersive reality show productions usually cast adults. In fact, crew members took pains to emphasize that they, and the kids, had an uncommonly positive experience on the set. “Some have been depressed returning to normal life.” As for Mr.

Forman, he and CBS are confident “Nation” will attract audiences, and sources said production is already scouting for a second-season cast.

Networks had produced reality shows with kids before (Disney Channel had a show called “Bug Juice” set at a summer camp that’s not entirely dissimilar to “Nation”). Forman and CBS reality head Ghen Maynard wanted to go further than any production had previously attempted in terms of isolating children from adults and the outside world. They all know what they’re supposed to do,” said Mr.

Using a set built for filming not only made it easier for the “Nation” crew, but also was a safer environment for the kids (who ranged from 8 to 15 years old).Today New Mexico (like California, New York and most states) has strict limits on the number of hours children can work on a production (18 hours during a school week, and no shooting after 7 p.m.).Many popular filmmaking states also require the presence of studio teachers and a parent or guardian, as well as regular meals.They were filming during the school year, yet no studio teachers were present.

They were working on a major television production, yet no parents were on the set.

Kids were on the show for seven days a week, for up to 40 days, and were responsible for cooking their own meals. They’re not ‘working.’ They’re living and we’re taping what’s going on.