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The IMF and World Bank excluded innovation in their priorities for supporting innovation activities in Bulgaria for the period surveyed.

8 EU support was not effective enough, amongst other reasons because of the unethical Greek coordination, and received a strongly negative assessment of the experts involved in the discussion of the results of the survey on barriers to innovation in the country.

In order to receive more precise data about the influence of concrete norms and regulations, the questionnaire has distinctive questions for factors hampering innovation. 13 The distribution of the units surveyed in terms of their R&D intensity measured by the R&D expenditure/turnover ratio shows the greatest share to accrue to the largest group (and is less than 1% for 41 of the cases).

The method applied allows estimation of the frequency of influence of different factors which assist or hamper innovation, as well as of use of sources of innovation ideas. Export intensity is greater in cases of larger firms and weaker in small enterprises: companies with more than 1 00 employees have an export intensity of over 50 per cent* while for enterprises with more than 500 employees the percentage is 67.

The frequencies are ranked as follows: "often" - 1, "sometimes" - 2 and "no" - 3. The relation between the R&D intensity and export intensity indicates a simultaneous increase of the two percentages, although in small enterprises the increased R&D intensity does not directly influence the export intensity.

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This fact can be explained from two points of view.The former can be explained by the distorted market brought about by decreased consumption in the country (see Table 1), which does not stimulate competition to introduce new technologies.