Bataan women dating

10-Sep-2016 07:27

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And I'll tell you, very little of it does anything for me.

You mention 14-year-old "virgins" with pussy rings. And if you know first-hand, you should be arrested.

It could be that maybe as I've gotten older, I've simply become more refined and more selective in what I like. And I thought to myself, I don't really care about most of that stuff because when I get down to it, most of those scenes are kinda dull.

Anybody heard that people who watch pornography are like drug users, in that they have to find stronger and stronger material every time to get them off? The past several months I've had access to a bondage collector's private collection of mainstream scenes and when I have time, I fast-forward through his old tapes to see what he collected.

Potentially, it's a very interesting subject, but guys, it really doesn't belong here.

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We're getting seriously off-topic for the theme of this forum.

Btw, if she's doing anal at a very early age then that's a GOOD sign!!