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These preaching friars, with the authorization of Gregory IX, adopted (with some modifications, e.g.

the substitution of the "Gallican" for the "Roman" version of the Psalter) the Breviary hitherto used exclusively by the Roman court, and with it gradually swept out of Europe all the earlier partial books (Legendaries, Responsories), &c., and to some extent the local Breviaries, like that of Sarum.

Finally, Nicholas III (pope 1277–1280) adopted this version both for the curia and for the basilicas of Rome, and thus made its position secure.

The Benedictines and Dominicans have Breviaries of their own.

This article is about the liturgical books used in the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church prior to 1974.

For the book introduced by Pope Paul VI in 1974 and sometimes referred to as a Breviary, see Liturgy of the Hours.

However, these terms are used interchangeably to refer to the Office in all its forms.

This entry deals with the Roman Breviary prior to the changes introduced by Pope Paul VI in 1974. Breviarium), signifies in its primary acceptation an abridgment, or a compendium.

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Already in the 8th century Prudentius, bishop of Troyes, had in a Breviarium Psalterii made an abridgment of the Psalter for the laity, giving a few psalms for each day, and Alcuin had rendered a similar service by including a prayer for each day and some other prayers, but no lessons or homilies.The Roman Breviary (Latin: Breviarium Romanum) is the liturgical book of the Latin liturgical rites of the Catholic Church containing the public or canonical prayers, hymns, the Psalms, readings, and notations for everyday use, especially by bishops, priests, and deacons in the Divine Office (i.e., at the canonical hours or Liturgy of the Hours, the Christians' daily prayer).