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And as we ask all of our guests, we’d ask the same in your answers. And I think what it’s getting – I believe what I kind of feel happening now is that I think there are people now who are now kind of in the establishment, and I think as Ruth would tell you and some of you would know, I’ve never been the big choice of the establishment. Reporter on the bus said, are you going to drop out before New Hampshire? It wasn’t if you ask me 100 percent, that’s not what he said. And I want to go back to this [immigration] question. I had to raise Cain about, you remember corporate welfare? So now look, if you want to say to me, John, you’ve changed your mind on something, I’m not above saying you’re right. Just like I told him, you get the economists in here, whoever these people are, and they prove something to me, I am cool with that. We thought we’d go around, and although you shook hands, just the names of each person. Where did you – how did you – [CROSSTALK] KASICH: Well, look, I mean, somebody said we’re the campaign that just won’t die, you know? I think they look around now and go, oh, my God, does it have to be Kasich? And I think little by little, I kind of feel as though the momentum is coming our way. I said that is the dumbest question I’ve ever been asked in my life. HOCKSTADER: You don’t want to yank 11 million people out of their homes, but you’ve supported Attorney General De Wine’s decision to join the Texas case, the effect of which would be to block Obama’s policy, which is meant not to divide families and not to remove parents out of their homes. DOWNIE: But you were asked how you changed your position. FREDERICK RYAN JR., WASHINGTON POST PUBLISHER: Well, Governor, welcome. OHIO GOVERNOR JOHN KASICH: Well, it’s an honor for me to be here. RYAN: – this morning we will make our questions as specific and concise and as clear as possible. I don’t – I didn’t look at any numbers, but I think he got absolutely pummeled. Nobody thought – you know, it was one week before the election. I thought, you know, you finish, you outperform expectations. Look, I am the one person that stood on the stage and said we’re not going to yank 11.5 million people out of their homes and ship them out of this country, dividing families. So it’s, again– ATTIAH: But that’s frankly not true. When the head of the FBI says we can’t tell who these people are– HIATT: No, didn’t he say, We have a good vetting process, but if you ask me to guarantee that a single mistake won’t be — KASICH: That’s not what he — it was broader than that when he said it. When I was in Washington, if I had not raised hell about balancing the budget or reforming the Pentagon or stopping the B-2 [stealth bomber], none of it would have happened, because I was a congressman. As an executive, it’s different than it is when you’re a legislator. I had to raise Cain inside my own party to make sure that our children’s hospitals could get more money. How do you think that went down with a Republican president, a Republican administration? If I hadn’t done them, they would not have happened. I go, “Yeah, yeah, you’re probably right about that. ” I remember having one of my colleagues come to me and tell me, “We need to extend the patent for this drug, okay? As discussed with your team, it’s on the record and – KASICH: Everything’s on the record, isn’t it? HIATT: I mean, in fairness– KASICH: We’re not out recruiting, okay? I mean, it is good for our demographics, it’s good for our workforce, it’s good for them. But when I’ve got the intelligence community telling all of us that we can’t tell who these people are, I have a responsibility to the public to keep them safe also. I mean, I am not going to be rewarding illegality, but the fact is that the ones that are here illegally now, if they have not committed a crime, I have been the one to say that they ought to have a path to legalization. Let’s slow down here on all these assumptions.” See, I don’t, I am not taking the bait on everything. My job is to measure the things that I think will benefit my people in my state and the people of this country, and so and when I talked about bombast before, let me tell you what I mean about that. And the birthright citizenship, you know, look, somebody comes up to you let’s talk about that for a second somebody comes up to you and says well you know, somebody should not fly into the country, have a baby, become a citizen, what year was it, 1987 or something?

Simply text “PA” to “2Vote” (28683) on a smartphone.

They charge his claim of turning down the perk of a state car was misleading.

They say he failed to mention he chose the alternative, using his own car and being reimbursed for his gasoline receipts. Santarsiero touts legislative victories as a Harrisburg politician, failing to mention bills of which he was the prime sponsor that never made it into law.

Obama addressed a huge crowd on Eakins Oval Tuesday.

Photo by Wendell Douglas Long-surviving elected office-holders know: Never make a claim you can’t back up.

PRESIDENT Barack Obama and national and state labor leaders made Phila.

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