Dating a small town boy

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The wedding celebrations will last three days, with street parties and performances by celebrities such as Benny Andersson of Abba, who has written a new song for the occasion. Britain is sending the Earl and Countess of Wessex."I will be in the crowd watching the cortege on the day, waving my little Swedish flag," said student Anna Lindstrom, 19.In the picture Daniel and Victoria make a glamorous, handsome couple, clearly smitten with each other.Seasoned royal watchers have been astonished by Mr Westling's evolution into a prince.

Much of the credit for the happy ending is being given to the courtiers whose efforts transformed Mr Westling - the so-called "Prince's school"."He is fascinated by history, especially Swedish royal history," the courtier said with avuncular pride.The engagement photographs sold in Stockholm's gift shops, alongside Viking figurines brandishing battleaxes and souvenir trolls, show the change now the jeans and baseball cap are gone.He was intensively tutored in English, French and German, so he can converse when he travels abroad, and given classes in Swedish history and political science.

A public relations company advised him on his image.Crown Princess Victoria first met Mr Westling during a session in his Stockholm gym. She had begun training to fill her empty hours, and to help overcome a serious eating disorder.