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09-Dec-2016 22:30

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My latest gentleman caller was actually a blind date set up from a friend. However, he got a little greedy and went back in for another one so I settled on the one arm side hug which is no good because it leaves one arm just hanging there and I always feel it needs a place to land. genitals touch through at least four layers of clothing, or that going in for a second hug denotes greed. I think that’s just a poor guy trying to fill some post-date awkwardness. ” And I would typically agree with you because I’m an old fashioned gal, but now I have to handle the inevitable drop off. Well it gets worse…I asked where we were going and I hear three fateful words that no man should ever say to a girl when you are planning the SECOND date…”It’s a surprise!!But Kristin is self-effacing and made me laugh, so I remain on her side.) It didn’t scare him away though, because after the standard three day wait period I get the second date phone call. Will he walk me to the door so then I feel obligated to let him in? ” Men: yes I’m talking to you…do you realize what simple words can do to a woman?

one surprise date in my life, and it was not on an internet date. Two words that should never be mixed are “internet” and “surprise.” Unless they are in the sentence, “Surprise! ” That would be worthwhile.) After calming down and accepting the fact that I most likely wouldn’t be bound and gagged and end up in Mexico, I give this very brave guy my address. I open it just enough to fit my body out sideways so he doesn’t get the impression he can walk in and give him my dazzling smile as I squeeze through and slam it shut.

(Please note: use of quotation marks is meant to imply deceit.