Dating non blood related family

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The following are the places where the baptism took place.

The priests spelt the same places in different ways: Annfield, Annfield bridge, Ardkeen, Arkeen, Balliduff, Ballinlon, Balinlonty, Ballypatrick, Barnane, Bawnoun, Bawnounah, Bawnourah, Boherleegh, Booladuff, Bouladuff, Bouliduff, Caulleys Town, Claykile, Claykyle, Cleighhayle, Cleighayte, Clonbeg, Clonbegg, Clonmore, Clonismullen, Coohane, Coohaun, Coolgurt, Coolhawn, Currough, Dovea, Drom, Monroe, Feeleigh, Feileigh, Feleigh, Feileghah, Feighlahah, Fishmoyne, Graig, Grove, Gurtdafinan, Gurtdalinan, Inch, Mahera Reigh, Kerawn, Kill, Killahagan, Killahigan, Kille, Killefitmoon, Killoskahan, Killoskehan, Killoskean, Kirane, Killvillecoris, Klekile, Knocka, Lackindara, Lahra, Lara, Laraw, Lahraw, Lassina, Laught, Liscrea, Lissaroon, Lough, Mickna, Mockna, Moher S, Monroe, Moonvoor, Mounvour, Moovoor, Mt Catherine, Pallas Hill, Rag, Rathmoy, Rorestown, Rordstown, Roridstown, Rathlesty, Rathleasty, The Ragg, Skachanarran, Sometimes House is given as the address.

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Cantwell sp: John Bourke & Bridget Fanning , Kile, Thomas of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan sp: Michael Cleary & Margaret Fanning *27?

If you are on a PC you can search these records using Control F , Mary of John Carroll & Margaret Fogarty sp: Denis Hynes & Mary Fanning , Mary of Michael Fanning & Ellen Fanning sp: John Fanning & Mary Peters , Edmund of William Fanning & Judith (Judy) Fanning sp: William Carroll & Mary Cormack , James of James Peters & Mary Kavanagh sp: John Fanning & Nancy Cleary , Patrick of William Kelly & Mary Fanning sp: Thomas Meara & Mary Ryan , Daniel of Joseph (Jody) Gleeson & Mary Murphy sp: William Dolan & Catherine Fanning , William of Edmund Butler & Bridget Ryan sp: George Mullen & Mary Fanning *, Michael of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: Thomas Mc Grath & Sally Darmody , Judith (Judy) of Edmund Fanning & Mary Burke sp: William Purcell & Mary Burke , Michael of Patrick Carroll & Bridget Hoare sp: William Fanning & Margaret Cormack , James of Patrick Russell & Anastasia (Anstice) Cleary sp: Michael Cleary & Ana Fanning , Mary of Thomas Hayes & Mary Fanning sp: Thomas Hayes & Winny Hayes , Mary of Philip Cahill & Catherine Shanahan sp: John Fanning & Catty Kennedy , Patrick of William Hayes & Sarah (Sally) Gleeson sp: Simon Stapleton & Mary Fanning , Ellen (Nelly) of Patrick Fogarty & Anne (Nano) Burke sp: Thomas Fanning & Nelly Fogarty , Catherine (Cathy) of James Doherty & Judith (Judy) Fanning sp: Edmund Fanning & Honoria Long *10 Sept 1813, Mary of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: Denis Mc Grath & Mary Cormack , Michael of Thomas Brien & Mary Gleeson sp: William Brien & Mary Fanning , Mary of Michael Fanning & Catherine Callahan sp: John Howard & Mary Meara , Mary of Philip Purcell & Ellen Carroll sp: James Fanning & Judy Carroll *, Catherine (Cathy) of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: John Mc Grath & Bridget Burke , Thomas of Thomas Hayes & Mary Fanning sp: Daniel Trehy & Mary Butler , Michael of Michael Fanning & Ellen (Nelly) Maher sp: Mary Costello , Bridget of Patrick Fogarty & Anne (Nancy) Burke sp: John Fanning & Bridget Doherty 11 Sept 1816, John of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan sp: Joseph Fanning & Margaret Peters , Thomas of Connor Maher & Mary Dwyer sp: Malachy Maher & Mary Fanning , Thomas of Daniel Long & Catherine (Catty) Ryan Sp: Edmond Fanning & Nancy Ryan , Michael of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan sp: Philip Cleary & Judy Gleeson , Bridget of William Stapleton & Ellen Fogarty sp: Joseph Fanning & Bridget Fogarty , Daniel of Patrick Naughton & Mary Fanning sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Ryan , Bridget (Biddy) of Daniel Kennedy & Bridget (Biddy) Quinlan sp: Michael Fanning & Margaret Fanning , Anastasia (Anstice, twin of Agnes) of Thomas Cormack & Mary Gleeson sp: John Fanning & Nelly Gleeson 29 Sept 1824, Bridget (Biddy) of William Stapleton & Ellen (Nelly) Fogarty sp: Joseph Fanning & Biddy Fogarty , Ellen of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan sp: John Cahill & Biddy Cahill , Judith (Judy) of Patrick Fogarty & Anne Burke sp: James Fanning & Biddy Gleeson , Mary of Edmund Fanning & Catherine Fahy sp: Mary Fanning & Thomas Fanning , Joseph of John Fanning & Mary Maher sp: Philip Naughton & Bridget Fanning , Joseph of Edmund (Ned) Fanning & Catherine Fahy sp: Cath Doherty & John Maher *, William of William Fanning & Honora (Hon) Cormack sp: Thomas Cormack & Margaret Mc Grath , Catherine of William Mc Grath & Catherine Purcell sp: John Fanning & Hon Carroll , Catherine of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan, Killahagan, sp: Timothy Maher & Catherine Fanning , Edward of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kill, sp: James Fanning & Catherine Russell , Judith (Judy) of Edward (Ned) Fanning & Anne (Nancy) Neill sp: Connor Trehy & Mary Trehy , Ellen of Denis Kennedy & Biddy Quinlan, Kiloskehan, sp: James Long & Jane Fanning , John of James Peters & Mary Cavanagh, Killahagan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Ellen Fanning , Patrick of John Fanning & Mary Maher sp: Michael Fanning & Nelly Peters 23 July 1828, Anstice of Thomas Lanigan & Judy Hogan, Kilahagan, sp: Catherine Cleary & Ellen Fanning 16 Sept 1828, Margaret (Peggy) of Patrick Cantwell & Judith (Judy) Maher, sp: James Maher & Ana Maher , Catherine of Edmond Lynch & Ann Murphy, Drom, sp: Joseph Fanning & Mary Hogan , Winifred of James Maher & Margaret Ryan, Killahagan, sp: Michael Cleary & Ellen Fanning , Timothy of John Toohy & Judy Maher, Kill, sp: James Fanning & Judy Carroll 12 Sept 1829, James of Thomas Bourke & Judy Ryan, Palace-hill, sp: John Fanning & Catherine Dwyer , Jeffrey of Jeffrey Fanning & Margaret Shanahan, Killahagan, sp: Laurence Ryan & Biddy Fanning , Joseph of Thomas Fanning & Anstice Hayes, Kill, sp: James Fanning & Mary Carroll , William of John Fannen & Margaret Russell, Kille, sp: Joe Fannen & Mary Donovan , Michael of James Ryan & Onny Carroll, Claycoil, sp: John Fanning & Catherine Purcell , James of John Cormack & Judy Banen, Lissaroon, sp: Michael Fanning & Mary Ryan , Judy of John Fogarty & Judy Kennedy, Annfield, sp: Patt Collins & Catherine Fanning , John of Thomas Fanning & Anstice Hayes, Kill, sp: John Doherty & Judy Healy , Con of John Fanning & Anto Brien, Killahigan, sp: Thomas Fanning & Winifred Purcell , Mary of James Ryan & Onny Carroll, Claykyle, sp: Patt Fanning & Mary Bannen , Patt of Patt Faning & Mary Ryan, Killoskahen, sp: Matt Dune & Mary Feehan 28 July 1833, Catherine of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kille, sp: Thomas Doherty & Mary Fanning , Con of Jeffry Fannon & Margaret Shanahan, Killahigan, sp: Phil Cahill & Ellen Fanning , William of William Ryan & Nancy Ryan, Killoskahan, sp: John Fannin & Margaret Maher , Michael of John Fannen & Anto Brien, sp: John Shanahan & Anto Naughton , Tom of Tom Fannen & Ansty Hays sp: Mick hays & Ally Carroll , Peggy of Patt Purcell & Agnes Ryan, Lissaroon, sp: William Purcell & Kitty Fannen 9 Sept 1835, James of John Gleeson & Catherine Fanning, Annefield, sp: Thomas Doyle & Mary Sparrow , John of Ned Ryan & Hanna Shelly, Kille, sp: James Fannen & Biddy Bourke , John of John Fannen & Anty Brien, Killahigan, sp: Joe Fannen & Biddy Casey , William of Richard Hughes & Mary Reedy, Knocka, sp: Mary Fanning , Thomas of Denis Fogarty & Catherine Fannen, Barnane, sp: Edmond Fannen & Honora Hennesey , James of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kill, sp: Patt Mahony & Bridget Mahony 19 July 1838, Catherine of John Fanning & Anto Brien, Killahagan, sp: Joseph Fanning & Bridget Mullony or Mullany , Michael of Frank Connell & Margaret Ryan, Pallishill, sp: James Ryan & Cath Fannen , William of Denis Maher & Ellen Purcill sp : Patrick Fanning & Mary Purcill , Sally of Denis Fogarty & Kate Fanning, Barnan, sp: Martin Brislane & Judy Darmody , Tim of John Fanning & Anty Brien, Killahagen, sp: Laurence Ryan & Ellen Fanning , Joseph of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, Kill, sp; Ellen Gleeson.

, Annfield, John of John Gleeson & Kate Fanning, sp; Stephen Butler & Judy Magrath, , Drom, Michael of John Trihy & Mary Maher, sp: John Bourke & Mary Fanning , Drom, Patrick of Michael Mitchell & Judy Fanning, sp: James Russell & Judy Russell , Barnane, Judy of Denis Fogarty & Catherine Fanning, sp: Andrew Halloran & Mary Ryan , Annfield, George of Michael Butler & Mary Smyth, sp: Laurence Butler & Catherine Fanning , Drom, Mary of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: James Fanning & Anty Long 28 June 1842, Drom, Margaret of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, sp: Edmond Fanning & Mary Russell 12 Sept 1842, Killahagn, Mary of John Fanning & Honora Brien, sp: John Shanahan & Ellen Shanahan 13 Sept 1843, Lissaroon, Honora of Timothy Carroll & Bridget Cormack, sp: Thomas Cormack & Johanna Fanning , Drom, Bridget of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: John Long & Judy Long , Killahagan, Jeofry of John Fanning & Mary Bryan, sp: Michael Fanning & Catherine Bryan 21 June 1844, Barnane, John of Dennis Fogarty & Catherine Fannin, sp: Catharine Hallaran , Kill, Johanna of John Fanning & Margaret Russell, sp: Michael Ryan & Mary Fanning 21 April 1845, Drom, Ellen (illegitimate) of James Fanning & Ellen Lenord sp: Judy Lenord , Drom, Edmond of Joseph Fanning & Mary Long, sp: Edmond Fanning & Margaret Trihy , Killahagan, Michael of Jeremiah Peters & Biddy Ryan, sp: Joseph Fanning & Margaret Cahir?

"Stalking" does not include an exercise of the right to free speech or assembly that is otherwise lawful or picketing occurring at the workplace that is otherwise lawful and arises out of a bona fide labor dispute, including any controversy concerning wages, salaries, hours, working conditions or benefits, including health and welfare, sick leave, insurance, and pension or retirement provisions, the making or maintaining of collective bargaining agreements, and the terms to be included in those agreements.

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Places in Drom & Inch Civil Parish in 1901 & 1911: Ardkeen, Brookley Clonbrassil, Clonismullen, Drom, Graigue, Killahagan, Kilvilcorris, Knockagh, Larha, North Larha, South Rathleasty, Rorardstown, Lower Rorardstown, Upper Annfield, Ballypatrick, Bouladuff, Clehile, Clon Beg, Clon More, Cottage, Dovea, Lower Dovea Upper, Goldengrove, Illananummera, Inch, Liscreagh, Lissaroon, Magherareagh, Monroe, Mount Catherine, Pallashill, Pollagh, Barnane, Aughnaheela, Aughvolyshane, Ballydaff, Ballynahow, Ballyroan, Borrisland, North Borrisland, South Borrisoleigh town, Cappanilly, Carrigeen, Castlehill, Castlequarter, Cloghinch, Coolataggle, Coolaun, Coolcormack, Coolderry, Cooleen, Cottage, Cronavone, Cullahill, Currabaha, Curraghcarroll , Curraghfurnisha, Curraghglass, Curraghgraigue, Curraghkeal, Curraghleigh, Curraghnaboola, Dogstown, Drumgill, Drumtarsna, Fantane North, Fantane South, Garrane, Garrangrena, Lower Garrangrena, Upper Glenbreedy, Glenkeen, Glennanoge, Glennariesk, Glentane, Gortalough, Gortaniddan, Gorteennabarna, Gorteeny, Gortnaboley, Gortnacran Beg, Gortnacran More, Grangelough, Grangeroe, Kileroe, Kilfithmone, Killamoyne, Knockakelly, Knockanevin, Knockannabinna Knockanora Knockbrack Knockdunnee, Knockinure Knocknaharney, Knockshearoon, Knockwilliam, Lismakeeve, Liss, Moankeenane, Mountgeorge, Paddock, Pallas Lower, Pallas Upper, Rathcardan, Rathmoy, Rosnamulteeny, Rusheen Beg, Rusheen Mor,e Shanballyclear,y Springfield, Summerhill, Ballinlonty, Coolgort, Fishmoyne, Kilfithmone, Killoskehan The records for Drom & Inch online at nli which I have transcribed in this post are from1827-1881 Rootsireland has baptism records from 1809 -1900.

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