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If you are new in my room for soon you'll understand that I do not need a face :)) ...

Except my truly admirers (if they have luck) can get a smile in private.- Do not ask for my name, only few people know my real name here, and believe me they have deserved it.- Do not demand or expect to do anything for you without tipping first.

"It depends on how many blow jobs you give them," Paltrow joked.

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger walking together in Central Park one cold , snowy but beautiful winters day. Also saw Renee Zellweger run in the bookstore and cut through the line to get an autograph from Viggo.

Any UNAUTHORIZED use of my profile, video, pictures or audio in any form or in a forum now or in the future is NOT permissible without my expressed written consent.

Any act to promote or gain profit in any manner (e.g.

I was walking by English Bulldog through the park by myself. This was in a tiny bookstore in LA in 2003 during the LOTR days.

I am sort of jaded when it comes to seeing famous people but they both were smiling at me when they saw my dog and stopped to tell me how handsome he was. Also met Sean Astin by a couple of months later at a museum with his family. She is surprisingly beautiful - more beautiful than in her photos. It was one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life.

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Of course you may also have people who are great on screen and IRL, like KEANU. A back in '99 for the 25th anniversary of her fan club, The International Petula Clark Society (or the IPCS as WE call it). Anyway, she must have mentioned it to my dad, and he must have said, "Oh my son loves Mac Gyver! So somehow I was shuttled down to the local CBS station while he was there, and I got to talk with him for 10 min? I went to private school in LA - it was a beautiful old mansion. Pitt who asked me for directions to the Spotted Pig, or whatever that place was (Jennifer rolled her eyes, she knew how to get there), I saw JSPR 37, yes, Jodie was pleasant and professional. Both Michael Stipe and Pete Buck from REM when the band was still getting going. I didn't really know Kingston but did know Barrow fairly well.

It's offensive and it's a shortest way to being banned or silenced.

There is also an exhibition about Shakespeare's life and work, and regular tours of the two theatres.… continue reading »

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Released in 1994 by Konami who was on the verge of bankruptcy, the platonic dating sim becoming the first major Bishojo game since Koei's release of Night Life. While the title was another eroge title targeted at males for its sexual content, the players began to identify with the protagonist and the idea overcoming "the emotional trials and tribulations of pure love." A late Play Station 2 port removed the sexual content and sold better than the original leading eventually to two anime adaptations. Dōkyūsei, whose gameplay focused on meeting girls and seducing them, established the standard conventions of the dating simulation genre.… continue reading »

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