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At the same time, recent advances in knowledge representation, as the development of ontologies also in cultural heritage, change the way to manage knowledge and extend the possibilities to connect with other research fields.The presented work aims at merging photogrammetric survey and temporal relations in order to propose a new representation of temporal relations stemming from temporal qualitative networks thanks to the Allen approach.We are thus working on a huge quantity of data acquired over time according to the evolution of the technology and the team evaluation.We present in this paper both photogrammetric surveys and their link with archaeological data through a common formalism based both on pure XML and on ontology.This is done by developing a common framework describing knowledge used in photogrammetry, as well as in stratigraphy fully based on ontologies.An ontology describing the photogrammetric process and the measured artifact (ashlar block, observed relevant surface and then the Unit of Stratigraphication (US) and connected concepts) is aligned with the well-known ontology used now since a long time in cultural heritage: International Committee for Documentation, Conceptual Reference Model (CIDOC CRM) [7].Igrafx Flowcharter Process Mapping Process Modeling And Bpmn is part of Value stream mapping template visio galleries.This paper presents certain reflections concerning an interdisciplinary project between medieval archaeologists from the University of Florence (Italy) and computer science researchers from CNRS, National Center for Scientific Research, (France), aiming towards a connection between 3D spatial representation and archaeological knowledge.

In Italy, where the use of upstanding building stratigraphy is commonly used, especially among medieval archaeologists, see the status quaestionis in Gallina [6].Stratigraphic analyses (both of excavated deposits and of upstanding structures) are closely related to Edward Cecil Harris’s theory of the “Unit of Stratigraphication” (referred to as “US”, while a stratigraphic unit of an upstanding structure , in Italian, will be referred to as “USM”).Every US is connected to the others by geometric, topological and, eventually, temporal links, and these are recorded by the 3D photogrammetric survey.We propose a common formalism for describing photogrammetric survey and archaeological knowledge stemming from ontologies: indeed, ontologies are fully used to model and store 3D data and archaeological knowledge.

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We equip this formalism with a qualitative representation of time, starting from archaeological stratigraphy.

We try to develop an integrated system for archaeological 3D survey and all other types of archaeological data and knowledge by incorporating observable (material) and non-graphic (interpretive) data.