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Making the click-through worthwhile: The Philadelphia Eagles get their long-sought Lombardi Trophy, and some Philadelphians get their long-sought excuse to smash things; a few ominous signs in the stock markets that will probably be exploited by the president’s critics; California Democrats lurch to the left and tout a wildly unworkable proposal; and where I’ll be next weekend.A Great Night for Eagles Fans, a Rough Night for Philadelphia Insurance Companies Philadelphia is cleaning up after its late-night street celebrations, where some overzealous fans smashed windows, climbed traffic lights and trashed some convenience stores.Movie stars get into political activism for the same reason they sometimes take six months off to do serious theater: They want to feel smart, maybe even a little profound, and, more important, they want to be perceived as that, as intellectually serious. well, everybody else, including people such as Kirby Brown, for whom a high-profile endorsement doubles as a reassurance.Democratic politicians connect with celebrities because they want to be seen as cool. A particularly alarming example of the “Oprah effect” is the widespread skepticism about vaccines.More or less the opposite, really: Oprah Winfrey is not actively considering a run for president in 2020 but has been “intrigued” by the buzz sparked by her impassioned speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday, her friend Gayle King said Tuesday on CBS’s “This Morning” program.“I don’t think she’s actively considering it at this time,” King, a host on the CBS show, said.

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This is bad towards things that people actually do as a hobby, or out of personal enjoyment.Related to Dear Negative Reader and Writer Revolt, this is when someone who is involved in the production of a work and is known for interacting with the fans by, for example, writing a production blog or answering fandom's questions, or regularly appearing at conventions, stops doing so because, at least in their opinion, some fans become so thick and heavy (and ) that their previously fun activity has become a burden and is no longer enjoyable.The fans complain to and about the creator(s), hassle them to an unbearable level, constantly asking questions that the creator(s) has already stated they will not be answering, and constantly doing obnoxious things.The image of America is bound, in Americans’ mind, with the image of the presidency. They have a great talent for making celebrities out of ordinary politicians, converting a clan of low-rent grifters and halfwits such as the Kennedys into an ersatz royal family and making the lightly accomplished Barack Obama into a kind of rock-star messiah for the Davos set.

The Democrats have a more fruitful relationship with celebrity because, unlike most Republicans, they understand the transactional nature of the celebrity-politician relationship.When things in real life pop up, such as health issues, it's always the webcomic that has to go first.