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Morris then realized he can fulfill his lifelong dream of surfing the world's sewers and proceeds to do so, together with Fry and Bender.As they surf the planet's sewers, Leela constantly spies on her mother.Later, Leela visits Morris together with Fry and Bender.Leela tries to cheer him up and convince him to get over Munda and do something else with his life.

She has to interrupt her mother because she receives another call, which turns out to be her father Morris, exclaming how miserable he felt without Munda.Seasons one to four are the episodes that aired on FOX, season five is the made-for-DVD movie season (on Comedy Central, the movies are shown as four-part episodes with parts cut to make room for commercials), and seasons six and seven are the Comedy Central episodes.This list is presented in production order, which is also used on the DVD boxsets; FOX originally broadcast the episodes in constantly changing timeslots and with frequent pre-emptions, resulting in five seasons.One day, Leela is shown awaiting for Munda to come back and asks her where she has been.

Leela then tells her that Zapp only is dating her to get to Leela and they begin to argue.

Leela approaches and Zapp says he didn't know that she had a mother.