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Deze stijl is netjes en deze dresscode komt vaak bij recepties voor. Een jumpsuit is de laatste jaren (zeker voor de wat stoerdere dames onder ons) een goed alternatief!

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That is, INFPs are usually prone to distinguish sharply between friends and mere acquaintances, as if they have a deeper layer of their personality which is only hinted at with acquaintances and which only truly comes out to play when they are surrounded by their friends. Their chief quality in this respect is often their ability to really be present with others in a non-judgmental manner, where the INFP appears completely open to what the other party is trying to say.This disposition can in turn lead some INFPs to become political or social activists, where they faithfully attempt to apply their high-minded ideals to the world, becoming very interested in helping people and causes to overcome their problems and in seeking change for the better.

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