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03-Oct-2016 22:17

If you're not into writing your own tune, you should consider checking out these tracks to show just how much you care.

Whether you prefer a romantic ballad or beautiful collaboration, your love interest is certain to be falling just as hard for you after giving a listen to any of these songs.

was adopted for the big screen, but Cheryl Strayed was doling out her particular brand of hard-earned wisdom well before Reese Witherspoon decided to serve as its mouthpiece.

The trio also discussed the Vikings the quarterback situation, with Gaskins and Clare saying the Vikings should acquire Washington QB Kurt Cousins, while Epp thinks the Purple and Gold should stick with his fellow Houston Cougars grad Case Keenum. The hated Patriots beat the equally hated Eagles (because they are mean to Minnesota fans).

Chances are your weekend plans involve being horizontal on your couch in a food-induced stupor (#same).

We all have our thoughts on pop culture, but few approach the world’s daily musings with the same fresh, on-point, and playful perspective as husband and wife Patrick and Franchesca Ramsey (you may recognize her as the host of the MTV webseries “MTV: Decoded”).

David Bowie’s favourite new star was New Zealand’s 19-year-old pop genius Lorde, whom he said sounded like “tomorrow” – and according to Bowie’s pianist Mike Garson, he also called Lorde “the future of music”.

Both she and co-host Steve Almond wrote a beloved advice column for The Rumpus called “Dear Sugar,” and this podcast is its audible second life.