Online dating is harmful in pregnancy

09-Dec-2016 00:10

She found that not all deli meats or cheeses are created equally poisonously, but deli turkey and queso fresco, specifically, are responsible for the most cases of listeria.And she found that capping coffee at two cups was a random rule, as there is no data to show that a third cup caused more more older, educated, employed women drink conservatively while pregnant, despite the Surgeon General's official warning against it?

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But the basis of the advice is murky, and varies depending on which doctor, book, or medical journal you ask.

Fourteen percent of pregnant women ages 35 to 44 report drinking in moderation, compared to 7.6 percent of pregnant women overall, according to the latest Centers for Disease Control study.

That study also found that drinking lightly during pregnancy is also more common among college graduates and employed women — 10 percent of both groups report doing it.

The data suggests drinking while expecting is an "elite" thing.

For more proof, consider that Patron Saint of Organic Mothers Gwyneth Paltrow sipped Guinness in 2006 while pregnant with Apple (andgot shit for it online).This apple-infused craft beer — "sippy cup juice for adults," per the menu — is all mine. "I don't need to be the face of pregnant drinking on the Internet," one friend, who had sipped sangria at nine months, told me.