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20-Aug-2016 11:54

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Do you ever wonder who in Hollywood is packing a big pecker?

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Actually, it's a WHO, and she is a hot little Austrian babe, named Elsa.

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday from her home in Los Angeles, she said: ‘Through my own experiences I have seen how damaging it can be when you have a living, breathing, wonderful woman in lingerie and a husband locked away with his computer.‘We are not looking for new laws to be implemented, we are not looking for any kind of dictatorship here, we just want to bring it up, and I have had some really interesting conversations with people.’Playboy still exists but its circulation is now around 700,000-a-month- compared to 7.2 million in its heyday and earlier this year it took the decision to drop photographs of naked women from its pages.‘As we get more access via technology and the internet people have become desensitised.

It takes more and more for people to get aroused and, even in romantic relationships, it is really taking its toll.

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