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none – in poor working conditions, and they’re not even allowed to unionise.After 20 years working in Santa’s Sweatshop, it’s time to try and break free in the latest The Escapists DLC. Signed, (Player) You must acquire the Tinsel, Fairy Lights, Candy Cane Lever, and Presents, and use them to decorate the Christmas tree in the restricted area, then, just enter the sleigh and you are now headed home.The add-on will launch on the same date for PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One.I've always preferred it more plus I'm a HUGE Halo fan (played all the games, watched all the media, read all the books and comics) probably because it's the only thing I've been there for since the beginning.When Xbox One came out I even traded in the Play Station 3 I had to get it, also since my girlfriend has PS3 and PS4 I just play the newer games that come out on hers. Sick and tired of bad working conditions and rubbish pay, you decide to hit Santa where it hurts most and escape Santa’s Sweatshop! Santa's Lap Getting Your Hands Dirty Get the 2 quick trophies out of the way first.Clean up the reindeer poo and earn Getting Your Hands Dirty, then once you have completed that head to the visitors area and earn Santa's Lap.

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The best part of this DLC is that it will be released for FREE! My name is Peter but I'm usually known as smokin cheez or just cheez.