Updating a mac comprare prodotti italiani online dating

08-Jul-2016 00:41

The computer restarts and provides you with a message that the update is complete.

You may need to provide your administrator username and password again.

Double-click the installation package when it finishes downloading and follow the prompts in the installer to update your Mac's firmware. After the computer shuts down, hold down the power button until the power indicator light blinks.

After you release the power button, a long tone sound and the Apple logo display with a progress bar indicating the progress of the update.

The Apple Mac Book Pro is a powerful notebook computer, but you need to keep it updated for the best performance and security. Apple frequently releases updates to fix security holes in OS X, to add additional features and to address stability and compatibility issues with hardware and software.

You're not making the most of your Mac experience unless you install the latest updates on your Mac Book Pro.

Check the Available Firmware Updates table on the Apple Support website (link in Resources) to determine if you need a newer version of the EFI firmware.