Updating performance appraisals

01-Jul-2016 15:41

A couple of exceptions to this "rule of thumb" would be (a) if you are entering into the world of custom wares for the Feds, even though you currently aren't in it, and/or (b) if the extent to which your product might need modifications or out-of-spec maintenance for it to be bought/used by the government.Governments have an all-too-regular habit of buying a product "as is" functionally, and then realizing that what they need kinda only looks like the original product but is really different.So anyone who has a problem with our posting this information is probably the kind of person who wants you to pay to get it out of them before you have enough information to even make a good decision. The information on this site has also been demonstrated to provide answers and new insights to people who are already (or thought they were) very familiar with CMMI and the appraisal.Feedback has indicated that there is more than a fair amount of incomplete and actual incorrect information being put forth by supposed experts in CMMI. If you have any suggestions for other questions, or especially corrections, please don't hesitate to send them to us.Those of you in the former group will probably come across CMMI in the form of a pre-qualifier in some RFP.As such, you're probably looking at the CMMI as a necessary evil regardless of whether or not you feel your processes need to be addressed in any way.Something that might be called "shrink-wrapped" or even COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf).While looking at CMMI for process improvement wouldn't be a bad idea, the point is that unless you are developing wares from scratch to a government (or a Prime's) specification, you ought to be able to elude having someone else require or expect you to pursue CMMI practices when you otherwise might not do so.

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What business performance improvements would you like to see from your operations? Obviously this depends on what you're trying to accomplish. So we'll divide the world into two groups: those who develop wares and provide services for US Federal agencies (or their prime contractors) and those who don't.This is a work-in-progress, not all questions have been answered yet -- simply a matter of time to write them, not that we don't know the answers -- but we didn't want to keep you waiting, so we're starting with that we have.

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