Updating server extensions dating kent co uk

28-Jul-2016 22:14

The primary use case for the Desired State Configuration Extension is to bootstrap a VM to the Azure Automation DSC service that provides benefits including ongoing management of the VM configuration and integration with other operational tools such as Azure Monitoring.

It is also possible to use the DSC Extension independently from the Azure Automation DSC service, however this is a singular action that occurs during deployment and there is no ongoing reporting or management of the configuration other than locally within the VM.

The cmdlets can be used to package, publish, and monitor DSC extension deployments.

For example, if your .ps1 script has the name "configuration.ps1", and the configuration is "Iis Install", you would enter: For more information about Power Shell DSC, visit the Power Shell documentation center.This article contains information for both scenarios, DSC Extension for Azure Automation onboarding and how to use the DSC Extension as a tool for assigning configurations to virtual machines using the Azure SDK.