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13-Apr-2016 10:41

First making its appearance in 2002, the anime spawned a series of very popular games as well as an almost unnatural amount of sequels and anime offshoots.

.hack//Sign offers up an array of MMORPG goodness, with perhaps one of the best and most unique musical scores you’ll find for any anime as well.

Like .hack//Sign, it even spawned a few video games based directly on the story.

Accel World is similar to both Sword Art Online and .hack//Sign in its use of virtual reality gear to connect to the game.

Unlike those two, however, the characters are not stuck in the game (phew! In this case, the anime emphasizes the actual game, with little actual risk to the characters actual lives.

Juuni Kokuki takes its inspiration from Chinese mythology, making it a rare treat for anime fans.

Ragnarök the Animation is based directly on the Korean MMORPG game Ragnarök Online.In the same vein as Ragnarok and Phantasy Star Online 2, this anime follows the game, although a bit more closely than what you’ll find with either of the two. Since its inception, Sword Art Online has shaped itself into perhaps the most well-known RPG-themed anime.

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